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Here's what Wes had to say about the end of the band:

Dear Friends:

As you already know, Brian has decided to move on and get out of the rock-n-
roll biz. It seems weird to stop now after all the bullshit we've gone through
but there is really nothing I can do. I can't even begin to thank all of you
for your support. Some of you have been there since the beginning and some of
you are new, but it seems that no one has jumped ship. That why this is weird.
I kind of feel that we have. If there was anyway to put it back together and
make it work, I would. I love this band and I still love playing, but without
Brian, Triplefast is not really triplefast. I just wanted to thank all of you
for your help! See you on the 24th! -Wes.

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