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Cattlemen Don't Deep Elm Records, 10/97  

Tracks:  (click for lyrics) 


Broadcaster Capitol Records, 4/95  

Tracks:  (click for lyrics) 
7"s  Ronnie's Pants b/w Aerosmith Hitit! Recordings, 5/95.  
You can try to order this from Crank! Records in Los Angeles. 
      Revved Up b/w Sally Tree Limited Potential Records. A new version of this single was supposedly going to be released on HitIt! Recordings, but it 
probably won't be now....
    Brown Banana Superstar A compilation 7". T3FA's song was "Satellite," it also includes one song each by the Nobodies, Hushdrops and Klugmaknotts.
TFA/The Figgs split promo Capitol Records. Clear vinyl.  Track - "Never Ever Care."
Revved Up/Sally Tree Regal Recordings U.K. Track - "Revved Up", not the one from the album or the Limited Potential 7" listed above.
Compilations Teleconned, Vol. 1  No Alternative, 5/98.  This a benefit CD for the Americans For Radio Diversity.   Features new songs by Soul Coughing, Walt Mink, Ben Folds Five and others (17 songs in all). 
T3FA's track - "Underwear" 
Order from the friendly folks at Deep Elm.
The Emo Diaries,  Chapter 1 Deep Elm Records, 10/97.  Features new songs by 12 bands including Jimmy Eat World, Camber, Samiam and more....  
T3FA's track - "I Want to Know".  To read a review and  
hear a sound clip click here. 
Order from the friendly folks at Deep Elm.
Random Acts Vol. 1 Fuse Records.  Q101 Chicago - Artist's charity for Clara's House.  
Track - "Chainsaw"
Random Acts Vol. 2 Sellout Records.  Track - "Tag Along" (live).
Vagabonds of the Midwestern World: Fighting Songs by Thin Lizzy Anti-Gravity Records.  15 Thin Lizzy covers by various bands 
T3FA's track - "Little Girl in Bloom
Order from the friendly folks at Deep Elm.
Independent Label Festival - ILF1 Track - "New Goo."
Capitol Records Artist Comp.  (cassette) Track - "Ronnie's Pants."
CMJ '94 promo comp.  (cassette) Track - 
Calvin Klein CK1 Promo CD Track - "Bird Again"
Demos/Promos TFA promo sampler (cass.) Tracks - "Revved Up," "Bird Again," "Never Ever Care," "Superstar," and "Sally Tree."
10" Broadcaster promo album Set of 3 10" vinyl discs.  Bonus track (not on CD): "Bedhead"
Triple Fast Action (cassette) Scooter Who? Records. '93/'94 
Self-titled demo, 13 songs. 

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