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These are random thoughts from people who appreciate T3FA.

i consider myself lucky to be located in the vicinity of chicago simply for the fact that i can go see bands like triplefast, fig dish, the beer nuts, trailer hitch, wesley willis, organic, .... the list could go on forever

about great chicago bands.  however tfa has to be not only one of the best in chicago, but best in the country.  my first tfa show was new years eve 94 and ive seen them countless times since.  they never get boring....always consistently rocking. ive never heard a band pull of their on record sonic texture and layered sound live as well as tfa.  it's been proven over the last few years, to me anyways, that wes kidd is a fucking genius....that guy is so sick with the power of rock that it's frightening. Joe Van Horn

Triple Fast Action is the greatest band in the world that no one knows.  Their live shows rock so hard and they have such great songwriting skills.  The angst of Wes and Brian really comes through in the songs. Ronnie on the guitar with his Flanger with those great leads. Kevin-a real talent on bass-gives the band that Euro-feel that may help them get the break they deserve. I have seen them in Chicago, New York, Madison, Detroit and Cleveland. They are worth travelling to see! They are my buddies and I wish them the best. I wish that Triple Fast and Fig Dish could take over MTV for a day and convert a world full of Matchbox 20, Fiona Apple, No Doubt braindead losers into real music fans. That's my rant. Go TFA! Jeff Keele  

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